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Leon A. Walker has appreciated books all of his life, both as a form of enjoyment and also as a collector.  No doubt some of this appreciation was instilled by his father, who possessed a deep affinity for literature and who, from the author’s earliest memories, read and regularly quoted everything from Chaucer and Kipling to Hughes and Baldwin to him and his siblings. Mr. Walker found himself reading and writing for entertainment purposes from a very young age.  Later he began to dabble in poetry and he continued to write creatively on and off for years but he never shared any of those works. Many were not preserved and are now lost.  He has twice lived abroad and traveled extensively, and before the advent of wireless email and cellular phones, it was his mother who frequently commented on the creative and unusually descriptive nature of his letters.  It was this personal input that further fueled his writing endeavors.

Over a long and varied professional career, he was also compelled to write a great deal on a broad cross-section of topics.  What very few actually knew, was that he tremendously enjoyed writing.  Nor did they know of the passion he felt when creating written works.  It should be no surprise then that he had intended to write a book for many years.  His first two books, Work Wonders and Life Lines simply presented the first publishing opportunities because he had so much completed material on hand.  His third book Equinox is an anthology which also contains many previously unpublished works. 

Leon A. Walker continues to write various forms of creative literature and he collaborates with artists and photographers worldwide on a variety of artistic images.  He has also served as a judge of the “Indie Next Generation Book Awards” for the past six years.  He has worked as a public and private sector business executive and he is a retired United States Naval Officer.  He is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida –having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Aeronautics.  Mr. Walker is a native of Cleveland, Ohio.  He currently resides Southern California.