Book Descriptions


“Never having read the volumes of wisdom, eventually, I learned that there had been much to learn.” Such are the words of author Leon A. Walker. In his new publication, Equinox, he uncovers an anthology of his best works along with many new poems and short stories that he believes to be a good way to provide an enjoyable collection.

This book is a compilation of works that was developed over a number of years. Intended to offer visions of many emotions, as well as personal observations and reflections, it also provides a window to a landscape of experiences that have shaped the author personally and which contributed to his worldview and his intense appreciation for life, literature and humanity.

For Walker, people’s lives and the associated experiences and lessons for living are of great value both to themselves and to those they love and care for. In the telling of a story, he simply hopes to share those experiences and lessons. It is also an encouragement for the readers to take a pause, if only for a moment, to consider and appreciate the living journey. Events, whether big or small and which may cause heartbreak, despair, love, and laughter, are all part of that rewarding journey.

“One day, in the blink of an eye or in the vision of a breathtaking sunset, the fortunate among us realize that the story of our lives all that remains. In that moment we understand with satisfaction that which is simply enough,” the author shares.

Quite entertaining and greatly inspiring, Equinox will stir the readers emotions and let them see life in a different light.



Life Lines is the result of this author’s continuing drive and desire to provoke thought in his readers.  He seeks to do so by providing works that are creative in presentation and also intellectually and emotionally stimulating.  His primary focus has been to share insights into his personal thoughts and opinions, but over time, he has been pleased to discover that readers are often compelled to examine his stated views from alternative vantage points.  He is hopeful that his writings continue to inspire rational and welcoming platforms for further discussions or perhaps new motivations to broader considerations.  Mr. Walker has long been troubled by what he perceives to be a limited effort to elevate literacy or to cultivate critical thought in far too many social quarters.  He believes that more writings and other options should be presented which enhance the availability and appeal of literature of any variety, and this book represents his effort to make a positive contribution to that undertaking.   Life Lines is one man’s attempt to seize upon an opportunity to provide constructive insights and thought provoking subject matter in an enjoyable and creative literary form.  The author frequently presents candid views of both his learning and many life experiences, and he hopes and believes this may encourage readers to embark on similar reflections.  Life Lines will guide you into areas of thought and emotion that may range from extremely pleasurable to perhaps somewhat disquieting.  There are no forbidden topics in this book, and as a result, you may realize some measure of learning or gain new perspectives on varying views of life.  Life Lines is a beautifully crafted work of compelling and creative literature.


Work Wonders can best be described a creative artistic memoir. And its author does not consider that he actually wrote this book in the traditional sense.  First, because he did not initially set out to develop or present an organized collection of poetry and short stories.  And secondly, because the purpose for writing all of the verse in this book is intensely personal to him and initially, they were only intended to be preserved and later shared with his children and those closest to him in life.  Therefore, he does not consider this a simple collection.  It is his way of describing transitions, life lessons, and a vast array of thoughts and reflections that shaped a son, a father, a brother, and a friend.  The stories, poems, and quotes in this volume are in large part the story of a man’s cognitive and emotional life.  And at the end of the day, he realized that if making a gift of these works was that important to him, he might be able to accomplish some measure of good by sharing it more broadly.  It is a decision with which he is now very pleased. And he sincerely hopes that those who take time to read this work will find it very enjoyable and perhaps even helpful or insightful on some level.

Work Wonders is a glimpse into the far reaches of the heart and mind.  And although it is creative in its presentation, it is a candid story of one man’s life.  And yet, it is also no less a story about life in general.  A story—in specific parts—that any number of us will be able to fully appreciate and identify with.  Rest assured, you will encounter a portion of your life’s story in this book.