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From Work Wonders

“How” is featured in the 2009 Autumn
Equinox edition of
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review



How did she know
That my eyes had fallen upon her
Leaving me in longing
A seeming desperate eternity

How did she feel
As I sprinkled rose petals in her path
Leaving me imagining
That she was lost in distraction

How did she simply smile
When I offered first breathless words
Leaving me perplexed
Switching off the sparkle in her eyes

How did she wait
As I paced the floor of my mind
Leaving me sequestered
As she orchestrated my suffering
pangs beautiful

How did she decide
To drag me into her love’s lake
Leaving me eternal benefactor
Of shelter within the warm cocoon of her soul


From Life Lines

“Eternity” is featured in the 2010 Autumn Equinox edition of
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review



The veil falls upon me
As if from the gods a delicate torrent
To wash me in desperate desire
Your staggering vision
My mysterious sensual lover
From the wind comes your siren song
Calling me to worship at your decree

Come to me
Let me lead you to the remarkable beyond
From the depths of the darkened sky
I will warm you in my moonlight
And feed you fine wine from salvaged tears
For each time I gaze upon you
Raised is the sun of my sorrow’s secrets
And from this I will safeguard you always
The distressed despair
Of a fractured heart
So mercilessly and ruthlessly
once betrayed

Across a thousand galaxies
I will carve your name in radiant light
And then for all eternity
You may look skyward my love
At a marquee of stars
Crafted for you my lady beautiful
Look skyward
And smile . . .

From Equinox



If Ever

If ever I loved—
yours shall be the memory of it.
In the distance,
you call to the far reaches of my heart.
I feel the thundering tremble of the waterfall,
as I stand in your blinding mist.
Marveling at the power of your beautiful torrent,
that knowingly, I dare not come nearer.
Take this heart, my Princess,
I am left with all that I require.
My soul, touched by a goddess—
Never again, despaired to wonder,
if ever I loved . . .